About Edward

I come from a working-class immigrant family who came to America to start a family because they were determined to provide a better life for me and my siblings. Seeing how my parents struggled to make sure that my family had what we needed in life, it was then that I learned the importance of a quality education.

Knowing how education changed my own life, I moved to East Harlem to become a math teacher at Central Park East High Schoo... Read More

Why I'm Running

"We are pleased to welcome you to the United States." A statement as simple as that, inscribed on my parent's immigration papers, remains a poignant reminder of my family’s humble beginnings. Papers only given after my mother received help from local politicians. It’s the reason I am motivated to make sure that our community is given the same support.

As a teacher and advocate for District 8, I believe it is my responsibility to make... Read More