Over the past 10 years, I've been a passionate advocate for children and education. From the classrooms of Central Park East High School to the halls of the NYC Department of Education, I've fought to improve the lives of children of all ages by providing a high quality education. As your City Councilman, I’ll continue that fight for better education for children of all ages by:

  • Expanding Early Childhood Education (See Video Here!)
  • Increasing After School and Summer Programming (See Video Here!)
  • Launching Academic Program Support for Our Most Vulnerable Students
  • Creating a College Mentorship Program for First Generation College Students
  • Equipping All Students With Digital Access
  • Advocating for Anti-Bullying Legislation



As the son of working class immigrants, I know how hard my parents worked to support a family in an expensive city. That reality hasn't changed for families across New York City who still find it difficult to make ends meet. Ensuring all members of community have access to good paying jobs is one of the most crucial issues. As your City Councilman, I’ll fight to bring good jobs to our district and ensure that employees have the skills employers need by:

  • Creating Opportunities for Summer Youth Employment
  • Giving the Formerly Incarcerated an Equal Chance at Gainful Employment
  • Increase Job Training Opportunities for Adults Looking to Advance or Change Careers
  • Ensuring Equal Pay for Equal Work

The Economy

Not only must we attract new businesses to the district by ensuring prospective employees have the skills employers need, but we also need to breakdown barriers to starting small businesses. As City Councilman, I’ll fight to create an economy that works for everyone by:

  • Creating Workspaces in Low Income Communities
  • Developing Entrepreneurship Stations to Support Entrepreneurs
  • Decrease Barriers to Starting Small Businesses
  • Supporting Minority and Women-Owned Businesses and Advocating For a NYC Chief Diversity Officer

Arts and Culture

Art is the life blood of New York City, but the rapidly rising cost of living is making it more difficult for working artists to create, preform, and live. We need to ensure that art and culture is affordable and accessible for all New Yorkers. As City Councilman, I’ll fight to:

  • Support Transparent, Searchable Access to Spaces for Rehearsal or Performance
  • Reduce Zoning and Tax Barriers Preserving Performance Space and Encourage New Spaces
  • Support Independent Theater through the Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Bring Artists to the Table to Discuss Affordable Housing and Health Care